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take me away - the graham coxon fanlisting
"Graham is the best guitarist of our generation." - Alex James

Reason »
Graham Coxon: highly talented guitarist, co-founder of hugely successful and influential British band Blur, independent singer/songwriter who has produced 8 solo albums and 1 live album, founder of Transcopic record label, acclaimed artist and painter, father, skateboarder, accomplished multi-instrumentalist and so much more... Graham Coxon has built up a loyal following because of his devotion to creating art and expressing himself. This listing of fans is to show support for this truly inspiring and amazingly talented artist.

The name, Take Me Away, comes from a line in the song 'Coffee + TV' from Blur's album '13' that Graham sings lead vocals on: "Take me away from this big bad world and agree to marry me..."

Discography »
A+E (2012)
The Spinning Top (2009)
Burnt To Bitz (2006)
Love Travels At Illegal Speeds (2006)
Happiness In Magazines (2004)
The Kiss of Morning (2002)
Crow Sit On Blood Tree (2001)
The Golden D (2000)
The Sky Is Too High (1998)

Blur 21 (2012)
"Fool's Day" (2011)
All the People: Blur Live at Hyde Park (2009)
"Battery In Your Leg" from Think Tank (2003)
Best Of Blur (2000)
10 Year Anniversary Box Set (1999)
13 (1999)
Blur (1997)
Live at the Budokan (1996>
Great Escape (1995)
Parklife (1994)
Modern Life Is Rubbish (1993)
Leisure (1991)

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