"Damon Albarn is a great pop being. Blur's seventh album, the career best Think Tank, was made despite the loss of Graham Coxon. He sold truck loads as a cartoon band in Gorillaz, avoids becoming Sting with Mali Music and co-starts the Honest Jons label releasing anything from fifties calypso to digital dancehall dub. Whilst his former contemporaries and rivals bite the dust around him, he is frankly unstoppable." - BBC

To me, Damon is a genius. Hes a good composer, a good melodist and a good listener. - Tony Allen


"Closet Romantic" from Trainspotting soundtrack (1996)
"We. Have.A. Technical" from Random (1997)
Ravenous soundtrack (composer) (1999)
"Star Fruits Surf Rider" from FM Fantasma Mix (1999)
Ordinary Decent Criminal sountrack (composer) (2000)
"Positive Contact" from Deltron 3030 (2000)
101 Reykjavk soundtrack (composer) (2002)
Mali Music (2002)
"Waterloo Sunset" from This Is Where I Belong (2002)
Democrazy (2003)
"Put It Back Together" from Palookaville (2004)
"Last Song" (songwriter) from Before the Poison (2005)
Monkey: Journey To The West (composer) (2007)

Leisure (1991)
Modern Life Is Rubbish (1993)
Parklife (1994)
The Great Escape (1995)
Blur (1997)
13 (1999)
10 Year Anniversary Box Set (1999)
Best of Blur (2000)
Think Tank (2003)

Gorillaz (2001)
G-Sides (2002)
Laika Come Home (2002)
Demon Days (2005)
Plastic Beach (2010)

The Good, The Bad & The Queen
The Good, The Bad & The Queen (2007)

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